How To Match Black Ties With Any Suit

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When it comes to Men’s wardrobe, what men primarily look for in suits is a style statement in order to be elegant and respectable. ‘What’s hot and what’s not’ certainly doesn’t hold the same weight as it does with women, but as men, we still care about being modern, unique, elegant and dapper.

Men's Black Suit | Hextie

Therefore, when dressing like a gentleman for a big occasion requires preparation. Whether it is getting groomed, tailoring trousers or finding the best suit combinations, black ties tend to play a big role for any big event.

Suits have served men extraordinarily well in this regard. A well-suited man manages to grab attention while always having an easy time breaking the ice with strangers.

This stands even truer when there are unique and uncommon clothing pieces. Whatever the reasons may be, but women always strive to talk and interact with the men in black are. Could be a sign of power, sign of wealth or just a heartthrob image.

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Black Ties | Hextie

Most men believe in the more the better, but  modern gentlemen often find ways to let success speak for itself with limited amounts of black in their ensembles, instead of overdoing it or shooting for too much

Black Ties on Colored Suits.

Hextie’s Luxury Ties have a particular eminent shine radiating from its unique style. These easy to recognize, but limited edition ties will make your favorite suit or shirt stand out from the rest. In acknowledgement of the beauty of black acrylic ties a new aesthetic is catching up: pairing black ties with suits of all colors, and it can be rightly called the new definition of the look for the modern gentlemen.

Black Tie White Suit.


Black ties on white suits are a classic! It instantly comes across as powerful, confident and classy for an elegant look. Although many would prefer to pair up a white or beige suit with a gold or emirates tie for a casual look when going out, the black tie opens up new doors as it would certainly be the look of the night when matched properly with a pocket square or black shoes.

Tip: Wear White Suits during the daytime and the summer.

Black Ties Blue Suit | Hextie


Black ties are also very commonly worn with blue suits. In fact, the black ties breathe so much life into blue suits that people would instantly notice something missing about you once it’s taken off. A pattern black tie such as the Honeycomb,  is a perfect accessory to add to a navy blue suit. Whether the suit is plain, plaid or striped, ensure the tie differentiates itself from the suit style in order to draw the eye to the center of the room


Black Tie and Grey Suit | Hextie

Black and grey have a history of companionship, do they not? Their close affiliation and relationship of bringing out the best in the other can be witnessed in men’s suits and ties as well. A charcoal or black suit, white dress shirt, and a dashing black tie, can you imagine yourself looking this dapper? Now imagine what would happen after the tie is removed? The look crashes completely and it is just another suit worn by any regular joe.


Men's Black Suit | Hextie

Lastly, black ties on black suits are quite obviously a safe choice to play at any given event. Why is that so? Why have we come to rely so much on black? It’s because black increases the overall contrast of your appearance while looking sharper. It’s because black has a slimming effect on any men, and because you can wear any shade of black and look ravishingly handsome to most people.

So Modern Gentlemen, next time you are out for a big event, a special occasion or just going to work, think of how well you are matching and how much life a black tie can add to any suit. When in doubt, wear black.

Stay Dapper

-James from Hextie